South Carolina Prayer Breakfast

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the fellowship is to build a network of individuals around the world who are united through the bond of Jesus Christ; each related vertically to Jesus Christ and horizontally to each other by the same spiritual bond.  The aim is to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and our fellow man as ourselves.

With this purpose we are committed to finding and encouraging persons to band themselves together to find through Christ a better way of everyday living in order to promote at every level of society – in the home, community, nations and world – a leadership who are themselves led by God.

We all work together to encourage a spiritual awakening throughout the world through prayer, discussion and fellowship.  We are to encourage men around the world toward a more effective leadership in areas of their own life’s pursuits and to commit ourselves daily through the power of Jesus Christ to being and building bridges of communication and understanding between people.  This message of communication is Jesus Christ.  The uniqueness of the message is the fact that it is not a system of doctrines or theories, but it is a relationship – a relationship with a dynamic personality – Jesus Christ.  He must not be “in addition” to anything else in our lives.  He must be first in our lives.

In common love and loyalty to Christ and with a concern for community, state, nation and world many persons meet weekly – some daily – in small groups to especially pray for God’s direction as to their own responsibility and for a comprehensive strategy by which to fulfill that responsibility and for wisdom to implement it.  Such a group is born (it cannot be organized) when two persons come together and discover in each other this common loyalty and concern, and pray to discover others of like mind.  They meet and pray, expecting God to do a mighty work wherever they are and wherever they are led by the vision God gives them.